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Language X

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Beautiful News!

Language X is being showcased in an

art museum for the first time!

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What is Language X?

Language X is a new language

that is read, spoken & written in color!

“The Language X Alphabet”

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12 Letters • 12 Sounds • 12 Colors

“Simple & easy to remember”

Examples of New Words

In Language X

Language X: Ada

English Translation: Love

Language X: Nida

English Translation: Peace

Language X: Soma

English Translation: Joy

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Examples of Short Sentences in Language X

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Language X: Am Ada Aki

English: I Love You

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Language X: Midson Aki

English: Thank You

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Language X : Nida ka Ada

English: Peace and Love

Upcoming Language X

Learning Experiences

Friday, March 22nd 2-3:30pm

Saturday, April 20th 2-3:30pm

Location: Sharp Museum at SIU

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Join Marquez for a 3 part learning experience where he will share the origin story of Language X and teach the basics on how to read & write in Language X. Guests will also have the opportunity to create a new word in the Language of color!

Language X Jewelry

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