Artist Bio

Marquez is a visionary artist who loves art, language & humanity!

Marquez is also a co-founder of a community art center called “Project Human X” that is located in Carbondale, Illinois.

Marquez started his creative journey in 2016 while he was taking care of his mother, Renita as she was battling cancer. Marquez made the challenging decision to drop out of SIUC to take care of his mother full time. During this challenging experience making art helped Marquez to find inner peace.

Marquez believes that making art is therapeutic & healing.

While going to SIUC Marquez became fascinated with new languages as he took Spanish classes. These classes sparked his curiosity about the ancient human languages such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, cuneiform, and many more.

Marquez believes that the evolution of language is one of the keys to creating peace on earth.

Marquez believes that when we speak, we are painting the canvas of life with each word. He sees each word as a unique vibration, energy & color. He believes that words have the power to create new worlds.

One day Marquez got the original idea to create a new language that unifies color, sound & meaning. Marquez calls this new form of communication, “Language X”.

Marquez is on the life long journey to design a language that is Loving, Peaceful and Healing. A written language that is vibrant and eye-catching. A new language that sparks your curiosity and makes you think about life from a new perspective.

Marquez is focused on creating a language that is simple & easy to learn. He envisions children being able to learn how to read & speak Language X faster than any other language.

Language X as an art form is abstract expressionism & color field painting.

Language X is a futuristic style of communication that will allow humans to be more expressive & creative than any other language humanity has ever experienced.

Marquez envisions Language X connecting and uniting human beings of different colors, cultures & communities all over the world!

Welcome to a new world of color.

The future is bright!

a man in a blue suit and tie is standing in front of a painting
an image of a colorful flower in a circle